Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park – a great little family outing.

I’ll be honest, Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park had always been on my to-do-list, but I’d read a couple of fairly bad reviews about the place and it had put me off. 

Little pathways that meander around the beautifully maintained Butterfly Park.
Well, I am very happy to say that we went….and it’s LOVELY!! Not only are the gardens beautifully maintained with little paths, bridges and water features, but from the minute you walk in you will be surrounded by thousands of butterflies fluttering around and the sight is really quite amazing.  
A little friend who stopped by to pay me a visit.

Located at Perdana Botanical Gardens, and reasonably priced this makes a nice little outing if you have a spare hour or two. Wander around at leisure and enjoy spotting as many butterflies as you can.  

There’s an array of different coloured butterflies to be seen

The size of some of them was really impressive and they certainly weren’t camera shy so you get some nice photos too.  

These butterflies were enormous!!! and were very good at staying still fir photos!

Also in the park you’ll see fish (you can buy fish food at the entrance upon purchasing your tickets) turtles and geckos.  

There are tanks in the garden with fish, turtles and geckos….

Then once you’ve finished the tour in the garden you make your way to the exit but automatically pass through their Educational Display Room where you’ll be able to discover lots of bugs (alive or otherwise!) in showcases. 

Once you are inside, you can see a lot of bugs up close!

From beetles and tarantulas, to millipedes and stick insects – they’re all there and I guarantee you that the little ones will be fascinated by it all! 

Display cases of some of the prettiest butterflies I’ve ever seen….
This is far from a day trip, but will keep you busy for an hour or two and you could easily combine it with one of the many other places in the vicinity. Either way, if you’ve been or do end up going, let me know what you think – I’d love to hear your opinion. S x  


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