Cycling with the family in KL; bike rental at Titiwangsa Park

“Easy like a Sunday morning” 

Out cycling with the family at Titiwangsa Park.

We used to go cycling as a family every single weekend when we lived in Bali and we’ve really missed it since being in KL. 

Bike rental places are set-up in a number (not all!) parks and offer a wide rangevof bikes, scooter and ride-ons for younger children.

But, thanks to a lot of the parks here offering bike rental services, we finally got our Sunday fix! With an array of colours and sizes, you can hire everything from adult bikes and scooters, to roller-skates and motorized miniature cars for the kids!  

The views and colours today as we toured the lake were just perfect!

We were out at Titiwangsa Park today (and at FRIM and Kepong Metropolitan Park yesterday) and all of these parks have bicycles for rent at just 10RM for the first hour.  

The park is relatively flat for the most park so it makes it a safe place to cycle with the children.

Depending on the place, subsequent hours are charged at as little as 2RM so it’s a nice little activity to do at not a great expense. 

My two were little so, so happy to be back on bikes!

And what a beautiful day for it at Titiwangsa Park today, with a tour of the lake and, of course, a stop at the playground!  

Just one section of the amazing children’s playground that they have here

My daughter exclaimed that she loves cycling and wants to go back next weekend – and why not?! It was a lovely way to start our family Sunday and we’ll definitely be doing this again 😉 S x


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