A fun Children’s Library at Raja Tun Uda, Shah Alam

The entrance to the library – this is the sign you’re looking for opposite the golf course.

Being in Shah Alam last weekend finally meant I got the chance to visit the Raja Tun Uda Library. Located just opposite the Club House for the Sultan Abdul Aziz Golf Course, it was very easy to find.

The children’s library has it’s own entrance on the right-hand side once you enter.

The children have their very own library on the ground floor which is surprisingly large and the entrance is bright, modern and very enticing! They put a basket of cloth bags at the entrance so you can take your shoes off and then carry them around with you in the library.  

It’s an impressively large library with books in several languages

Inside, bookcases stretch as far as the eye can see but the most original feature is the large ‘reading tree’ in the middle of the space where you can sit, relax and enjoy a book or two.  

The ‘reading tree’ …. sit and relax and read away!
They have books in a number of languages (including English) and a lot of seating areas from big couches and bean bags to chairs and tables. 
Plenty of seating, with sofas all around the library
In keeping with its modern feel, their ‘Creative Zone’ includes computers, Wii, and I-step. They also have a little stage where they hold story-telling sessions as well as a cosy corner with a television.  
Bean bags and a cozy corner

I have to say that it was very busy on the weekend and wasn’t the ‘quietest’ of libraries I’ve been to as it doubles as a play space for the children! However, there is a separate room that is for anyone who wants to really sit and read/work and people were very respectful of the peace in there. Becoming a member is free and you can borrow books for two weeks at a time. So, if you live in the area, you now know where to take all your little bookworms 😉 S x  


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