The City of Digital Lights – a colourful wonderland for the big kids too!

As we were already at I-City this weekend (see my previous blog on ‘SnoWalk’), there was one thing I absolutely HAD to do while there. I’d read about it, I’d seen some photos online, but I needed to see it for myself!

The trees, the lights, the colours…..

The City of Digital Lights is a separate section of I-City where all the trees are made of LED lights. Due to the nature of the attraction, it only opens from 6pm onwards, with the lights being switched on at around 6.30pm and you being finally overwhelmed by the dazzling colours once the sun has fully set after 7pm. With our Christmas tree coming down this weekend, it seemed fitting to go and allow our Christmas sparkle to linger just a little longer….

Take a walk aroung The City of Digital Lights and be dazzled!

As with other attractions at I-City you need to pay to enter but I have to say that I found it fairly reasonable. For Malaysians or anyone holding a foreign residency card it was only 15RM per person (for non-residents it would be 30RM) . Now this includes access to the LED lights display and UNLIMITED use of the fairground rides in the City of Digital Lights until it closes (which was 1am the evening we went!). 

The two-tier carousel suitable for the whole family

For us, arriving at 6pm, the place was almost deserted so it meant we could make use of all the rides which included the two-tier carousel, the children’s train, the Superswing, the Twisting Boat and the Disco Ride.  

The Superswing (included in your entry ticket but there is a height restriction of 120cm)
The nicest ride for the whole family (there’s a 90cm height restriction) is the Spacewalk, which consists of little two-people carriages that go around on a raised railway track through the trees and allows you an unbeatable view over everything! 

A ride on the Spacewalk as the sun began to set and the glow of the trees started slowly…

As you can go on it as many times as you like we did an initial tour when it was still daylight, then a second time to catch the sun fading into the horizon and a third when we only had the brightly lit trees to guide the way…..  

A ride on the same attraction later on gave us these enchanted views…..

The whole thing was quite an experience. The children were absolutely over the moon and didn’t stop thanking us for taking them as we made our way around the place.  

You’ll be overwhelmed by colours…

It’s colourful, it’s bright, if anything it’s a complete sensory overload but it’s so unique and so magical that it can only possibly bring a bit of curiosity to your mind and a smile to your face! 

Trees, towering sunflowers, fairground rides…..

So, if you’re in the area and you feel like adding a bit of colour to your life, start by brightening up the new year ahead with a trip to the City of Digital Lights, something that has to be seen at least! S x 

Taking it all in under a rainbow of trees…


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