SnoWalk – winter all year round for the kids at I-City!

Sub-zero temperatures in Malaysia?! Yes, it’s possible! With the festive season still very much alive, there was one thing missing…. SNOW! 

The main entrance of SnoWalk at I-City.

Now, for our children who have lived all their lives in South-East Asia, they have never experienced a true winter so I understand their curiosity which is why we decided to give them a taste of something slightly cooler…… SnoWalk at I-City in Shah Alam.

The winter scene that greets you in the lobby area.

Now be prepared, this little adventure wonderland is kept at a rather chilly -5 degrees! We went well equipped in jeans, and wore long-sleeved tops over our t-shirts. Once there, the entry fee into this attraction automatically includes a big padded winter coat but I still personally wouldn’t have just wanted a t-shirt underneath which is why we wrapped up warm!


Boots and other warm accessories are availble for an additional cost.
If you don’t own gloves and boots, you can hire them all there but this is at an additional cost.

Wrapped up warm for the -5 degrees …. but I was still freezing!!

In the SnoWalk itself you are greeted by animal ice sculptures and blocks of ice stacked up and illuminated by coloured lights. 

Boat sculptures, animal sculptures… have a wander around!

You’ll be able to slide down mini slopes and end up in piles of snow or for the more adventurous, you can attempt some of the bigger slides which find you sitting on rubber rings (or there’s one for the adults where you sit in little one-man toboggans) and being pushed down ice tracks!

The children’s ice slide – down you go on a little mat!

It was an interesting experience to say the least and while its not something I’d do every weekend, it gave our 5-year olds the winter experience that they wanted and they absolutely loved it! 

For both children and adults – grab a ring and down you go!

Yes, there were times when we couldn’t feel our hands and feet any longer (but you may exit into their waiting lounge on any number of occasions to de-frost and return again later!) but the little ones have hidden in igloos, been chair-sledding, gone up and down non-stop on the children’s ice slides, and…. Worn an outdoor coat for the first time in their lives! Mission accomplished!

Chair -sledding; single and tandem available!

It was fun, it was different and as a one-off, I’d say go for it! You’ll have a fun (if not freezing!) time 😉 S x


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