Kids e World at IPC – A KL soft play centre worth visiting.


Kids e World at the IPC Shopping Mall


It seemed like ages since we’d last had the chance to go and explore a soft play centre here in KL so, as my two are always up for some fun, and I’m always up for writing a review, we popped over to “Kids e World” on the second floor of the IPC Shopping Mall (opposite The Curve)

The collection of colourful inflatables!


We’d already done their centre at The Gardens Mall but this was a first for us and I have to say it was great – enough to sustain a 3-hour play frenzy for my 5-year olds! A surprise bonus for me was that every Monday is ‘Super Monday’ whereby you pay for 1 child and the 2nd child is free; a very welcome bonus that I was unaware of when heading there!


Their Monday promotional price! (This offer is correct at the time of writing the article)


The play area itself has the usual large inflatables that turn and swing, the ever popular balloon chamber, a mini basket ball court, trampoline and then the main multi-level infrastructure which had some fabulous slides!


The big tubular slide – a real hit with my two!


The racing slides.


They’ve also put aside a little colouring corner for when energy levels are running low!

Festive colouring sheets for the season!


In front of the entrance, in the mall, they then have a separate enclosed section specifically for the under 4s. This is home to ride-ons, a ‘seed’ sand-pit, building blocks and miniatures of some of the equipment you find inside.

The separate area outside for the under 4s


There’s also their KeW Cafe with drinks and snacks as well as a private room for birthday parties.

The KeW cafe for snacks and drinks


One slight downside is that, although they insist on parent supervision (which I completely agree on), they don’t offer any seating for adults inside. I was fine perched on any free inflatable but it wouldn’t be ideal at peak times. But it’s a minor thing when my two played non-stop for 3 whole hours and had a blast! Thanks “Kids e World”. S x

The balloon chamber, always very popular!



4 thoughts on “Kids e World at IPC – A KL soft play centre worth visiting.

  1. Hi there. I would like get a quotation for having a birthday party for my daughter on 12/12 or 17/12. Looking for the budget. 20 Kids (4 to 12 y/o) and 4 infants (below 2). Is there any charges for adults (like the senior citizens)?

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  2. The place is nice and my children are having lots of fun. But workers that take care of the child is a little rude and Brian less.. when the parents still have not pick them up and the time is up in the play ground they ask my children’s to leave the compound because time is up. This is 1 thing I realized due to no customers.


    1. Oh no! You mean the parents who choose to drop their children off and go shopping? That’s very poor if they do that with little ones. If you haven’t already told them directly, I will make them aware of your comment here. Thanks Kelvin, S


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