Chamang Waterfall; off the beaten track but family-friendly

If you are looking for an ‘off the beaten’ track idea that’ll get you back to nature, this could be for you! There are a number of waterfalls in Malaysia but very few of them are child-friendly and involve hikes and wading through several rivers! This is NOT the case for Chamang Waterfall in Bentong.


Chamang Waterfall in Bentong
Air Tanjung Chamang (as it’s known locally) is just over an hour’s drive from KL. We did it after Genting Highlands so I can’t tell you the exact driving time but Google Maps puts it at 70kms away and it’s mostly immaculate highway. 


The sign in the little country lane that let’s you know you’re going in the right direction!
Once you exit the main road you’ll have a good 15 minutes drive in the countryside down little lanes and you’ll eventually see the security post at the car park. The only fee we paid was 2RM per adult (nothing for the children or the parking itself) and then…. Wow, it hits you! Instantly from the car park you hear the thundering of the water crashing down the hillside. 


My little man taking in the moment and watching from a safe distance!
The noise, the view, the amount of water; it’s all quite impressive! And for those with young families who want to avoid a jungle trek, this is literally 10 paces from the car park! Very well equipped with toilets, showers and even changing rooms (!) I was surprised at the set-up that they have in place for something that doesn’t see a lot of people on a daily basis. On the weekend there were a few people there; there’s lots of little street food stalls that line the river, there’s benches and tables and plenty of shaded areas for a picnic so you can linger, take a break and enjoy your surrounds.


People do go in the water but don’t attempt any higher up stream than this. the force of the water is very strong.
Some people were in the water itself; I will say here that with the amount of water falling, the flow is extremely fast (read ‘dangerously so’) but further down the river there are some rock pool areas as well as a sanded bank that you could use if you fancied a paddle and a cool off!

Further down the river you have rock pools and even a sanded bank to take advantage of

You can walk along the river banks very comfortably and make your way across the wooden bridge to complete your tour if you wish; it was a nice feature and we enjoyed the walk while taking in the views – it was a nice change from city skyscrapers 😉

Take a walk over the river by this fabulous wooden bridge.
Happy exploring, S x

Families in front of us continuing their Sunday walk…

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