Day trip to Genting Highlands: kids & cable cars – just perfect!

Just one hour outside of Kuala Lumpur is the infamous Genting Highlands. Known also as “Resorts World Genting’ it’s true to say that this place is Las Vegas, meets Disneyland, meets Cirque de Soleil! Love it or hate it, my goodness, there’s a lot to be seen! 

The amazing panoramic views of Genting Highlands.

I will immediately admit that we didn’t delve into the depths of this colourful wonderland today, but did enjoy the surrounding area.

Our first stop was at The Chin Swee Caves Temple; a Taoist temple perched high up on the hillside giving panoramic views over the Highlands. 

Chin Swee Temple sits proudly up on the hillside.

Bright, colourful, and full of statues, it’s a nice bit of culture to enjoy. One thing to remember is that you really are high up in the hills and the temperature dropped dramatically to 17 degrees! Only being used to the tropics, my two were in their fleeces with the hoods up to avoid the fresh breeze that swept by so think about taking an extra layer of clothing if you’re heading that way!

On a clear day the skies and the views are stunning.

There’s a couple of places where you can go up to the observation tower which gives great views and there’s an impressive Buddah Statue that towers over the grounds. 

The big Buddah statue!

I will however add that the ‘Chambers of Hell’ (a walk you do after entering via the big Buddha) really is extremely graphic – too graphic for little people’s eyes so I would suggest sticking to the colourful animal statues dotted around the garden and the main temple! 

Spot the children amongst the statues!

Our second stop of the day was to take a ride on the Genting SkyWay! We knew this would be the highlight but even we weren’t prepared for how lovely this cable car trip was!

Two very excited little people off on their Skyway adventure!

Priced at just 12.80RM a person you can get a return ticket that lasts for the day. So once you’ve parked your car, you take your first ride up the hill to the resorts at the top.  

Stunning views over the highlands and beyond
The journey itself takes a little under 20 minutes but the views were just great! Add to that the colourful little cable cars that pass you in the other direction and the greenest of flora below you, this was a really big hit! 

Not for those who have a fear of heights!

Once there, you can walk around and explore as you wish. It really is a big labyrinth of hotels, shops, restaurants and cafes, and of course the many famous attractions and casinos that pull in the big crowds! We didn’t stay for long; its a busy, busy place at the quietest of times, and we were anyway fairly keen to do our return trip in a cable car!

Waving to our momentary neighbours as they pass on by.

Many people go up and stay overnight in Genting. There really is a lot to do if you want to start with all the main attractions but, if you’re looking to escape the city on a day trip, this really is so feasible and makes for a really nice change of scenery. The cable cars really are a must – the whole family will love it! S x

Even after our return trip, it was fun to see the workings of the cable cars and greet our fellow travellers!

2 thoughts on “Day trip to Genting Highlands: kids & cable cars – just perfect!

  1. It’s a shame the theme park has been closed for renovation. Always liked coming here for the rides as a kid. hope that once they open the new Fox theme park there will be even more reasons to visit Genting 🙂


    1. I have to admit I never knew Genting when the theme park was open but I can imagine that it was probably one of the best things up there. Was hoping to go up next year for Fox, but the last I heard it’s delayed and we’ll have to wait until 2017 😦


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