Taman Tasik Datuk Keramat- a lesser known KL park but nice with kids.

Taman Tasik Daruk Keramat

After a lovely Christmas Day, I felt the need for a ‘Boxing Day’ walk this morning, perhaps in an attempt to work off all of yesterday’s food! Anyway, in my bid to try and find some of the lesser known parks in KL, we ended up at Taman Tasik Datuk Keramat, which isn’t far from Great Eastern Mall and is basically right opposite Jelatek station. 

The grounds and little lake at Taman Tasik Daruk Keramat

The little ones took their scooters along which is no problem in this park (unlike some of the larger ones!) and we had a lovely stroll around the grounds and the little lake.  

Flat, safe little paths with a bit of shade, perfect for speeding little ones!
Needless to say we finished up at the children’s playground which for a relatively unknown park was really large and offered a lot of play time for my two!
The children’s playground.
Now it’s clearly not one of the largest parks in the city and I’d have to say the rubber matting beneath the playground is looking a little tired and ‘patchworked’ from where they’ve repaired certain areas, but with free parking, wheelchair (think pushchair!) access, a flat, safe area for the youngest of cyclists, a pretty lake, a playground and even the covered outdoor gym for adults, this is definitely a viable option if you’re on that side of the city.  

The adult’s playground

It wasn’t busy of a weekend so you’d be able to avoid the crowds too! Stop off next time you go by and see for yourselves 😉 S x 


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