The Royale Ice Skating Rink – year round fun with the kids!

There’s been one activity that we’ve been wanting to try here and, as we had some little friends visiting us for the weekend, it seemed the perfect pre-Christmas activity to do together….. Ice-Skating!!! 

The Royale Ice Skating Rink

Now, you have a couple of options in KL but we decided to try out The Royale Ice Skating Rink over near The Curve, if nothing else but for it’s proximity to KLCC. 

Ice skates galore! get your feet measured and grab your size!

This was going to be the little ones’ first ever time on the ice (and let’s be fair it’s probably 20+ years since I dared to get my blades on too!) so we needed it to just be a fun and safe experience for everyone! On arriving, go inside and get your feet measured for your boot size. Once that’s done, head over to pay and get your entry bracelet. There’s no reduced fee for children instead you pay a flat rate of 35RM per person but this allows you UNLIMITED skating for the day! 

these little guys became our best buddies on the ice – invaluable for kids!

 Now, as novices, we decided to take ‘skating aids’ for both children and trust me when I say these little penguins that accompany you around the rink became very good friends, and proved invaluable!!! You can rent a penguin for 30RM but it really was worth it to see the children being able to stay upright on the ice and zooming round at quite a speed by the end of the day!! 

Very eager to return to the ice when there was a short interval to clean the rink!

 We all had an absolute blast and managed a fair while on the ice! You will need to take socks and gloves with you (both are compulsory but you can buy them at the counter if you forget them) and you’ll need to dress warmly as…. well, it’s pretty icy!   

These penguin aids were just fabulous and turned our novice skaters into speeding professionals!!
Spectators are welcome and there’s plenty of seating on both sides of the rink as well as The Penguin Cafe and other small vendors offering snacks, drinks and food. Oh, and as spectators, you may not be physically on the ice but it’s worth remembering that you’re still going to be very exposed to the cold so bring long sleeves with you!

The Penguin Cafe with drinks, snacks and hot meals.

Definitely a fun activity and our two are already asking to go back! Finally, a big shout-out to our very good friends from Bali who made this just the perfect Saturday….. Happy skating everyone! S x 

Plenty of lockers available to keep your valuables safe while you ‘hit’ the ice!


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