KL Forest Eco-Park; a rainforest and a canopy walkway in the city centre!

We may very well be in ‘the big city’ but if you’re looking for a bit of nature without having to go all the way to Taman Negara, there’s one slice of forest you can still enjoy right here. 

The entrance to the KL Forest Eco-Park just off the car park of the KL Tower.
Bukit Nanas Nature Reserve (now known as the KL Forest Eco-Park) is a rainforest in the heart of the city at the base of the KL Tower.  

The Canopy Walkway gives stunning views and shows the contrast between the forest and the city
One of the most popular tourist attractions in the city, the KL Tower offers amazing 360 degree views over the city, but also comes at a certain price.  
Feeling rather small at the base of the KL Tower before starting our forest walk!

However, entry to the Eco-Park is completely free and not only offers a number of different nature trails and a camp site but they’ve now added their very own ‘Canopy Walkway’ too!!!


Once again leading the way through the treetops!
Having recently done Taman Negara ourselves, the little ones were more than happy to start climbing and go walking amongst the treetops once again.

The Canopy Walkway is extremely safe and well-built meaning the whole family can enjoy it!
Now this may not be as high or as authentic as the real experience in the jungle but it’s a great little activity to do out in the open. It’s a well made structure, very safe and sways a lot less than the one we did in Taman Negara so it means the whole family can enjoy it! 
Take the ‘high road’ or keep your feet safely on the ground with numerous trails to follow.

We were there this morning and, even on a Sunday, we only crossed a handful of people so it remains peaceful and not at all crowded. Yet another free activity in KL to add to the list! S x 

A wander through the forest; the perfect way to get back to nature.


2 thoughts on “KL Forest Eco-Park; a rainforest and a canopy walkway in the city centre!

    1. Oh thank you so much! Yes, it’s a great little one to do with children, I’m so glad you all enjoyed it! Like you said, there are a few to try, with the iconic one at Taman Negara being so impressive when we did it a couple of years ago! Enjoy the rest of your discoveries, Sarah 😊


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