Pavilion – A magical Winter Wonderland for the family.

In the tropics with the constant heat it’s always a little hard to believe that Christmas is on its way, but with malls being transformed by tinsel and lights, Cadbury’s Selection Boxes lining the Supermarket shelves and Jingle Bells being played on loop in the shops, I think we can safely say that the countdown is on!
This weekend we were lucky enough to be passing by Pavilion Mall and they had just put up their Winter Wonderland. Now there’s no doubt that all the malls have made an effort and are getting into the Christmas spirit, but, catching a glimpse of the massive ‘Swarovski’ tree, and walking through a forest of Christmas trees covered in snow and crystals that twinkle as you pass, can only warm your heart and put a smile on your face.

If the scenery itself isn’t enough for the little ones, they have their Sparkling Pavilion Express train running circuits downstairs (5RM per person) and a photo booth where the whole family can get dressed up as Santa and have a portrait taken together for just 10RM. 

An extra nice touch is the display at the main entrance which includes a letter box to send off all your special requests to Santa! Postcards are available to be written out and sent off for a charge of just 1RM, all of which goes to charity. Just over a month to go guys….

Season’s greetings to you all 😉 S x



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