Kuala Lumpur Bird Park – A great family day out.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is located at the Botanic Gardens and was the perfect place to hang out on our family Sunday.Spread over more than 20 acres and with over 3000 species of birds this place is really quite huge and we ended up spending 4 hours walking around the park! 

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park; the free-flight zone.

It’s split into 4 sections with the first two areas being their ‘free-flight’ zone where the birds are all free to roam around in an environment resembling their own natural habitat. 

Get up close and personal with an array of birds

If this doesn’t get you up, close and personal with the birds, then nothing will! From pink flamingos in the lake, to storks and pelicans to the most magnificently majestic of peacocks who just walk across the path in front of you, the experience was a lovely one.  

The simple joy of crossing a peacock along the path

Zone 3 is the Hornbill Park and in Zone 4 most of the birds are in cages but there’s still some lovely colourful species to be spotted! 

Such beautiful birds in the Hornbill Park

Twice daily (at 12.30 and 15.30) there is a Bird Show in their amphitheater which gave us a nice break from walking around in the midday heat and if the little ones need even more of a change in pace, they can head over to the playground for a bit! 

In full action during the Bird Show!

There’s a children’s playground just next to the amphitheatre if a change of scenery is needed!

One of our favourite parts of the day was once we had reached the enclosure with the emus and ostriches- here you can enter into a little area and feed them with leafy treats through the bars! 

our favourite bit!!! feeding the emus and ostriches!!!

What a massive success for even the youngest of family members! We returned 3 times throughout the day and I think we have sufficiently fed these gigantic birds for the next two weeks!  

These stunningly beautiful peacocks are just everywhere and are so photogenic!

Other highlights were the Waterfall Aviary with its water features and fabulous large birds roaming around the enclosure, and the World of Parrots where you can pay to get a cup of bird feed to ensure all the little parrots fly over your way for snack time! 

The World of Parrots where you can feed the birds.

We all had a really lovely time walking around the Bird Park yesterday; it got us back to nature in every way possible and made for a great half day trip for the whole family. With a restaurant, several cafes/snack bars and a gift shop, you can make the most of your time there. If you want to make some feathery friends, this is definitely the place for you! S x

A beautiful park to walk around and meet lots of feathery friends.

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