Pony Rides in KL for just 1RM – Titiwangsa Park has it all!


‘Rekreasi Berkuda’ seen from the outside and located at Titiwangsa Park
Now there’s nothing like a bit of ‘horsing’ around to get your weekend off to a good start!Where we used to live, we were fairly regular visitors to an equestrian centre with both children really enjoying riding lessons. We had a spare morning to fill today so figured we’d head down to Titiwangsa Park and see just what their horse centre has to offer. 


Have a wander around the centre, pony ride or take a tour in a horse-drawn carriage.
The Rekreasi Berkuda is based in the grounds of the park and is a beautifully kept little area. Now they don’t offer riding lessons, but for anyone with small tots looking to introduce them to horses, or indeed for them to experience their first pony ride, this is the place to go! They have stables and a couple of paddocks and offer pony rides for just 1RM!!! (Yes, you read that correctly, it’s only about 20 cents!) Now this isn’t an hour tour, but it is a great little experience for beginners. 


Pony rides take the little ones on a circuit around the paddock.
If you continue into the centre you then come across their horse drawn carriages which can take the whole family on a canter around the circuit! 


The horses are very well looked after…
Again, it’s ridiculously priced at 1RM per adult (and just half that for children!) and was really enjoyable and lasted a fair bit longer than the pony rides.


Rides in carriages are also available and can take families of 4/5 people at a time.
Not only were the gardens really well maintained, the staff were all friendly and, most importantly, the horses were healthy and clearly well cared for. These encounters with the horses are not available all the time, but, on weekends and all public holidays, you can pop along between 9am and 11am or from 4pm-6pm and just buy your tickets at the counter.


The natural beauty of Titiwangsa Park early on a Saturday morning…
Needless to say, while at Titiwangsa, make the most of this amazing park! My goodness, the atmosphere there this morning was just magic and I could easily spend every Saturday morning there. 
Just part of the amazing playground; the size and the colour of this place akways blow me away!

Such a family-orientated park means that you can really enjoy the moment; from the remote control racing car track to boats for hire on the lake, to cycling on their genius man-made road network that brings make-believe play to a whole new level.


Titiwangsa Park is also home to this fabulous remote controlled car race track!
A simple way to pass a lazy Saturday, but so perfect. S x


Scoot or cycle your way around their fun track complete with traffic lights and road markings!
If you don’t have your own bikes, they have an array of bikes for hire fir both children and adults

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