Good Friends Restaurant and Cafe – great for dining with children.

While on our day of discovery in Shah Alam this weekend, I really wanted to try one of the little cafes that are always featured on the ‘eating out for with children’ lists!
So, we headed over to Good Friends Restaurant & Cafe over
in SS17.


Welcome to Good Friends Restaurant & Cafe!
This little place certainly pulls quite a crowd at lunch time, but that is just testimony to how popular (and good!) it is! 
A little wall art above their kitchen!

The menu is lovely with everything from soups and sandwiches to rice and noodle dishes and even a ‘create your own pasta’ option.  

Great variety on the menu and a separate offering for the little ones

They have a separate children’s menu which is available on request and some lovely fresh juices served in glass bottles on ice!  

Nice selection of truly fresh juices – served like this!

In addition to their range of cakes and scones for dessert, they also have Pop Wagon Popsicles, which are home-made popsicles made from real fruits and fresh ingredients which come in the cutest of designs and the most original of flavours!  

Their very own Pop Wagon Popsicles. cool and colourful!

The food was lovely and tasty, staff extremely pleasant but, of course, the children’s play zone topped it off and made it truly child-friendly! A carpeted area offers boxes full of wooden blocks, dinosaurs, puzzles and even a train track which a certain little boy straight away set up for everyone! 

The play zone in the corner of the cafe.

 It’s a bit of a jumble, but there’s books, soft toys and cars too so lots of different bits n pieces to keep little hands busy while you sit and enjoy a coffee after your meal! Worth a visit if you’re in the area!

 S x 


Lots of different things to keep little hands busy!


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