Taman Tasik Ampang Hilir – A park that allows cycling!

So besides the usual list of ‘must do parks in KL’ I’m always on the look out for new (possibly over-looked) places that are good to take the little ones.My guys love to take their scooters/bikes so it’s great to be able to include this in our park visits but it isn’t always allowed in the most popular hang-outs!!


The main entrance to the park. And there’s plenty of parking
I found Tamir Tasik Ampang Hilir by chance while checking out Google maps for something else and we’ve been over there quite a few times! It doesn’t appear on the ‘Top 10’ lists but it does tick off a lot of boxes for us! 


Not always the case in KL, but here the whole family can take their bikes/scooters!
Firstly, bikes and scooters for the kids are allowed – yay!

Secondly the park is set around a lake which makes for a nice wander and on a clear day you have a nice view over to the city. 


The lake with a pleasant view over the city (nice at sunset too on a cleary evening!)
Thirdly, I love that they have not 1, but 3 different play areas set out at intervals around the lake! 

The first of the 3 playgrounds we encountered on our walk around the lake!

 I’m convinced it inspires the little ones to ‘keep going until the next playground’ and that means adults get to enjoy a leisurely walk too as children always seem to find a surge of energy when slides and climbing frames are spotted!


The second of 3 playgrounds that we stopped at!
And 1 final playground to enjoy!

There are ducks, and even a lone turtle that we’ve seen on every visit! There’s a couple of little local cafes with terraces too.

Little Tommy, again all by himself on his rock….!

Now, is it the largest playground in the city?! No. Does the lake have the clearest water?! No. But it also doesn’t get crowded, even on weekends or after school AND they allow cycling! 


Chasing the ducks has become another fun passtime… apparently!
Worth a try if you’re looking for something different and its in the KLCC area (think Great Eastern Mall – it’s tucked away not far from there!)

Happy exploring, S x

The park, the lake, the view….


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