Bank Negara Malaysia Museum… With a FREE Children’s Gallery!

Bank Negara Malaysia Museum – seen from the outside

This may be an unusual one but bear with me! On our hunt this weekend to find new places to visit with children we came across the Bank Negara Malaysia Museum – now I know this may not initially sound very appealing but a) this building is just lovely, shiny and modern, b) entrance is completely FREE (and don’t we all love that!) and c) they have their very own separate Children’s Gallery with loads of fun activities!  

FREE entrance to the special children’s event plus the whole museum.
In all fairness, even without the special gallery for little people, the museum (which also houses an art exhibition on the 3rd floor) has enough interactive stations throughout to keep children occupied while you wander around; from giant puzzles, colouring tables, touch screen computers, and watermarking your own cheques!

Even in the main museum, there are activities for the little ones like this colouring station.

In the Children’s Gallery on the ground floor you enter by walking through a tunnel made of 1 million ringgit’s worth of bank notes and arrive in a bright, colourful room purely aimed at kids.

A walk through the money tunnel will take you into the zone for little people

Play bank teller (both our children have written out cheques and cashed money for daddy!) there’s large interactive games and computers on the walls, you can print out your own money, do coin rubbings, play a giant game of Snakes & Ladders, and even put your face on a bank note! 

A whole room full of colourful interactive things to do at the Children’s Gallery
So even if the rest of the museum isn’t to your liking, this is a different, fairly unique thing to do if you want a free activity to keep little hands busy!  
Become a bank teller so you can stamp and write cheques!

With a nice gift shop downstairs and an impressive coffeeshop, it makes for a good spot to hang out. Oh, and the place was absolutely deserted…. And free! S x

Coin rubbings in the Children’s Gallery

2 thoughts on “Bank Negara Malaysia Museum… With a FREE Children’s Gallery!

    1. They do!! And it’s really lovely! It’s quite large if you do the entire place, split over 4 floors, but we were impressed with how well-maintained, and informative the whole place was. Enjoy 🙂


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