Batik Painting in KL – such a great activity for the whole family

Batik painting….. As our half term holidays come to a close, a mum from school suggested taking the little ones to the Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex for a session of Batik painting. 

The Craft Complex on Jalan Conlay, not far from KLCC

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect or how the group of 5 year olds that we had in tow would get on with the activity, but we ALL had the most amazing time! 
Very centrally located close to both KLCC and Pavilion Shopping Mall, the craft center (Pusat Jualan Kraf) itself is an amazing find with pottery shops, a craft museum, jewellery stalls, gift shops with hand-crafted Malaysian specialities, and a little play area in the grounds. 

There’s a lot to see, inside and around their gardens.

 Then as you venture into their ‘Craft Village’ you will come across a very understated little cabin where they offer you the chance to create your own batik. 

Hidden in the grounds of the Craft Village is this unassuming little place

 Choose a canvas (which already has the wax outline on it for ease) and then settle down in their art room and paint to your heart’s content! Not only creative, but also extremely ‘therapeutic’ as you sit in their calm room watching your designs come to life in an array of colours.  

A turtle for my little boy….

The children (and the mums!) loved it and most of the little ones even picked out a second canvas to do once they’d finished their first piece! You can choose from traditional designs, to animals to the extremes of Hello Kitty and Elsa (!) and they also offer different sizes and the option to buy a batik-painting kit to take home with you. 

A butterfly for my little girl….. what else?!

 This was a great activity and I know for a fact we’ll be back. Would be a great gift idea for the grandparents and it really isn’t expensive. Depending on the size of the canvas it can cost as little as 15RM – they also then offer to frame it for you (for as little as 5RM) which makes me think that we may even become regular visitors down there! 

Some of our finished batik masterpieces 😉

The beauty of the ready-made canvases is that it can suit even the youngest of little artists; although it isn’t impossible to ‘go out of the lines’ it really doesn’t matter with these bold colours and designs. Try out a local speciality and unleash your inner-artist; a really lovely activity, S x


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