The Canopy Walkway of Taman Negara with children!

No getaway to Taman Negara would be complete without doing the infamous ‘Canopy Walkway’. 

The infamous Canopy Walkway…. suspended in the trees!
The national park is host to the longest one of its kind in the world and is (at certain points) an impressive 45 meters above the ground.   We booked our tour at the reception of our hotel which made it really easy. The Canopy Walkway itself was about 1.5 kilometers into the jungle from where we were staying so our guide lead the way and talked us through the trees, plants and insects that we saw along the trail.

Our guide leading the way from our hotel into the national park
You’re not walking on rough terrain, instead they have a great infrastructure of pathways and steps to use. Having said that, our entire tour took 3 hours and it’s a long way up! Our 5 year olds managed it but they’re used to us doing this sort of thing! If you have a little one who gets tired walking around the supermarket, this may not be ideal. It’s hot and humid and the steps just keep on coming, so you’d have to be very brave to want to carry a toddler around the trek! 
there will be steps, and lots of them!

But, then you get to the main event of climbing up to great heights and starting your journey along planks of wood strung between trees. The experience of being high up, slightly swaying as you make your way across the wooden planks that form the Canopy Walkway, is really fabulous. 

Ready for the attack at the start of the Canopy Walkway!
It was an absolute highlight for us all and we could have gone around and done it all again!! 

Happy to take over as our tour guides! fearless in their approach!
 It is very safe; everything is netted so you really couldn’t fall anywhere even if you slipped, there’s ropes to hold on to and a ‘guard’ at each intersection to assist if needed and to ensure that people leave an appropriate amount of time between themselves and the person in front of them. Clearly not ideal if you’re not good with heights, but an experience that really will stay with you! 
Take in the view below you! You have an anazing opportunity!

Afterwards, you can continue climbing to the view point at the top of the hill or you can decide to trek back to your hotel.  

Along the trail you’ll learn about the flora and fauna; our guide was so informative!

There are bugs and mosquitos so they suggest you wear long trousers and proper shoes. Take water, mozzie repellent and apart from that, just make the most of this incredible moment! S x 

The longest Canopy Walkway in the world – not to be missed when in Taman Negara


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