Planetarium Negara – a fun and informative trip around our universe

As the haze returned for the weekend we decided to tick off another indoor activity so we took ourselves over to ‘Planetarium Negara’ located on the outskirts of the Botanical Garden.  

The main entrance to the planetarium but there is another side entrance oerfect for strollers/prams
Entry to the actual planetarium is FREE and you certainly won’t be disappointed by the array of exhibits they have in this lovely, well-run centre. Enter into darkened rooms which come to life with fluorescent lights and get a taste of our amazing universe.
Darkened rooms and colourful lights set the scene
 The first hall has a great range of interactive projects to get stuck in to and kids of all ages will love learning about things such as how lightening occurs! From computers with kids’ word puzzles and colouring activities to robots at work on ‘The Red Planet’ this room will be a good introduction for any future scientists! 


Earth is now officially pink and purple… as my daughter enjoys the kids’ activities
Walk through to the second hall and you will experience the life of an astronaut. This was such a big hit with all the children; from the mock-up of a spaceship, to using ‘an outer space toilet’ and trying to stack blocks while wearing enormous space gloves, this gave us all so much information and a fair few photo opportunities too!


get to experience what it feels like at the helm of the spaceship
If that isn’t enough, there’s also a small indoor playroom and the Anti Gravity Room which really will challenge your ability to stand up straight in this cleverly constructed space shuttle, fully equipped with slide for the little ones to escape by!
the little ones even get a small play area fir when outer space just gets too overwelming!
After you’ve made your way around the planetarium you can pay to go and watch their ‘Cosmic Collisions’ movie that plays every hour. 


Entering the theatre for movie time.
We were really keen to see this and it’s not an expensive extra (12RM per adult, 8RM for children) and this 20 minute film, narrated by Robert Redford, will open your eyes to the wonders of our planet and our solar system. 

Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area; a really enjoyable experience for the whole family. S x



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