Perdana Botanical Gardens – Part II

One of my first posts after starting up this blog was about The Botanical Garden here in Kuala Lumpur. At the time I mentioned that we’d only just scratched the surface of this amazing place and that we would need to do a second visit to see the other half of the park!


So here we go with ‘Part 2’ after a Sunday stroll (and scoot for the little ones!) around Perdana Botanical Garden. 

Still as immaculately maintained as ever, there really is so much to see and do. We took in the beautiful view at the Sunken Garden, meandered around the herb garden, visited, not one, but two waterfalls, and of course did the compulsory stop at both of the children’s playgrounds!! 

We made friends with a lost tortoise, and played hide and seek with a Monitor Lizard!


Fortunately this is one of the parks in KL that allows both children’s scooters as well as bikes for the whole family as we’d have been hard pushed to cover such ground otherwise! There are bicycles for rent or if you prefer they have shuttle trams that circle around the gardens and cost next to nothing (2RM for adults, 1RM for children). 

Enjoy a picnic in the shade, go ‘off-road’ and discover paths you didn’t even know existed or take a boat out on the lake. A lovely place to spend a family Sunday, S x


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