MegaKidz Funland; taking soft play centres to new heights!

Today was a ‘stay indoors’ kind of a day, so we took the opportunity to try out ‘MegaKidz’ who call themselves a ‘Funland and Edutainment Centre’

The MegaKidz entrance at MidValley Megamall


Located on the third floor at Mid Valley Megamall, this place combines the usual soft-play area with an arts n craft offering and even a mini cinema for showing films!

The tallest, and most talked about tubular slide 😉

Home of the tallest tubular side in KL, children will be kept busy for hours in the play area with endless amounts of tunnels, bridges, steps and slides! There’s also a bouncy castle and a specific area for toddlers, all in view of the cafeteria where mums and dads can relax while the little ones run wild!

The bouncy castle for something a bit different from the climbing structure


The arts n crafts corner can be used for an additional fee but today they had everything from t-shirt painting to sand art!

The MegaKidz cafe area complete with magazines!


They also run a number of holiday programmes for when the schools are off which include music, an art/food course and a mini builder programme, available for 3-12 year olds.

The main structure to explore!

Our 5 year olds loved the place and once they’d gone down that massive slide once, there was no stopping them…. But they were exhausted by the end of it all! Another good spot for kids within a mall so everyone is kept happy on a day out shopping! S x


Climbing, sliding, crawling…. lots of fun!



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