The ‘International Garden’ of Bukit Jalil Park.

It’s a national holiday today (I hope all of you celebrating had a lovely day!)
which meant a day off school. My daughter was quite keen to know if we were actually going away on vacation but unfortunately, not really feasible for a day!But little did I know that we could take our children on a trip around the world without even leaving Kuala Lumpur!


The main lake at the International Garden


Bukit Jalil Park (Taman Rekreasi Bukit Jalil) is in itself a lovely park with ample space, lakes, jogging paths, picnic spots and a children’s playground but, unbeknown to some, it is also home to the ‘International Garden’.


A beautiful park to wander around or to take the kids with their bikes and scooters.


This is a separate section of the park which has been divided into different gardens representing different countries. Today alone we have walked through an English garden, admired a Dutch windmill, crossed the bridge between Japan and China, and explored the depths of Peru and Thailand!


A Dutch windmall to explore


Add to this the colours of Iran, Canada, Indonesia and, the host country of Malaysia, and I feel like we have had a getaway without needing to fly anywhere!


The beautiful colours of Iran


Both children adored this place; they took their scooters (bikes are also allowed!) and have loved going through the maze-like paths to discover country after country after country….


Following the winding paths to Thailand


There’s a few areas that could do with a little bit of tender loving care but we all loved the place. Take drinks/snacks with you as there wasn’t a shop or food vendor in sight, yet ample of benches to make use of when you need a break.


The English Garden with a view over Holland!


At approximately 20 minutes south of KL I really think this is worth the short trip outside the city, we’ll be going back for sure! S x


Crossing the bridge between China and Japan!



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