Ramayana Cave, the lesser known attraction at Batu Caves but perfect for children.

Following on from my post yesterday about our trip to Batu Caves, I wanted to give ‘Ramayana Cave’ it’s own little mention. Although this is situated at the same location as the Batu Caves, this particular cave was such a highlight for our children that I thought it deserved a post of its own!

The statue at the entrance of Ramayana Cave

Ramayana Cave has a small entrance fee of 5RM for adults, although children enter for free, but this ‘fairytale-esque’ cave was worth so much more. Depicting the story and life of Lord Rama, the cave comes alive with colourful lighting and statues that line the walls.


The cave lit in a multitude of colours

Children will love the ‘model village’ style layout of the characters and will enjoy exploring the different layers of the cave.


The statues that line the walls of the cave

Not many of the tourists at Batu Caves ventured this far into the attraction, but it was such a gem and I would say that both young and old members of your family will enjoy the magical lighting and story-telling of the cave. S x

The firm favourite with the little ones – a big sleeping giant in the depths of the cave!



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