Batu Caves, a bit of culture for the whole family.

‘Batu Caves’ are probably the best known attraction near KL. Just 15km north of the city, it only took us 20 minutes to reach this famous spot on a quiet Sunday morning.The caves are the site of a Hindu temple and shrine, and you will initially be greeted by an impressive 140ft tall golden statue of Murugan, a Hindu Deity, before facing the task of climbing up all 272 steps to reach the depths of the main cave.


The impressive golden statue that dominates at this Hindu temple


Our 5 year olds managed the walk without any issues, but parents of toddlers should be aware that they may need to carry a little person on the way up, and potentially on the way down!


Onwards and upwards…. attacking the climb to the main cave!

Once you reach the top of the stairs (having dodged a few cheeky monkeys and low-flying pigeons!) you can take in the views before exploring inside and discovering a number of shrines, statues and even gift shops within the cave.


Inside the main cave


Entrance is completely free, with just a parking fee of 2RM for your car. It is a religious place of worship so ladies you will need to cover up – if you don’t have a sarong, you can rent one for a deposit of 5RM (and upon returning your sarong you will receive 2RM change)


The view out over the city from the stairs


This popular tourist site is more than just the main cave; there’s gardens and a lake to walk around, street markets of food and beautiful offerings, there’s other temples and statues dotted around the grounds and all equally as colourful and intriguing as the first.


COlours galore in the grounds of Batu Caves


The little ones will undoubtedly get involved in spotting different statues along the way, and will love running around in the hustle and bustle. A bit of culture, suitable for the whole family 😉 S x


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