RGB, a KL coffee shop that keeps the youngsters happy!

There’s always a list or two online of cafes and restaurants to go to in KL which, not only serve great food and drinks, but are also family friendly. I have given myself the task of trying them out and reporting back to you all! (I know it’s a dreadful task!!) I may not be a coffee connoisseur but I am a juice junkie and love finding new places to hang out with my children.

The eclectic, bright decor of RGB on Jalan Damai

This week I didn’t need to venture far from the city centre to discover the hidden gem that is RGB (Rather Good Beans!).


A selection of books to choose from while enjoying a fresh juice

This easy-to-miss little bungalow has been turned into a lovely, healthy coffee shop and restaurant just off Jl. Ampang. It’s colourful, eclectic vibe is extremely eye-catching and, lets just say that as a Brit myself, I was rather fond of the decor!


Plenty of cosy seating areas

Add to this an area specifically for children with books, building blocks, jigsaws and more, it would be an ideal place to go with toddler-age children. Offering teas/coffees, fresh cold-pressed juices as well as vegan and vegetarian menu items, this place is definitely one to try. S x

Toy corner to keep the little ones busy



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