KidZania, the amazing indoor ‘city for kids’!

This weekend we tried out the much talked about “Kidzania” and absolutely loved the concept of the place! You arrive at Kidzania International Airport, receive a boarding pass to enter and a cashier’s cheque that you’ll need to cash at the bank!

Your arrival at KidZania International Airport

Children then get to become a citizen of this amazingly well-created ‘city’ and role-play in one of the many trades available to keep the city running ; from working at the supermarket or the hair salon to becoming a CSI Agent, or a mechanic!

The mini fire-fighters in action!

For every ‘job’ that they partake in, they earn a salary – so the more they earn (and the more professions they experience!) the more ‘Kinzos’ money they collect which they can then spend around the city on arts n crafts activities, or save it all up for a larger treat at the gift shop before leaving!

Earning and spending your own miney!

I’d heard of Kidzania from a friend before even moving to KL but never had I imagined this little ‘kids city’ coming to life the way it did on Sunday! We managed to spend a whole 7 hours there; my little boy saw his dream come true as he became an AirAsia pilot, and my daughter was very at home in her little pink nurses outfit taking care of the new born babies at the hospital!


Little nurses taking care of new-born babies!

Most activities take about 20 minutes to complete and there can be a bit of a wait for the more popular professions (but trust me, the wait to become a fire-fighter was worth it to see them drive around in uniform on the back of the fire truck before having to put out the fire at the local hotel!) but all in all this makes for a fabulous day out for the children. S x


The very realistic streets of KidZania; a city for kids 😉



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