The Royal Malaysian Air Force Museum – A free activity in KL for kids

Who doesn’t like a free activity to do with the family?!Today, as it was a little ‘hazy’ when we woke up, we thought we’d head over to the Royal Malaysian Air Force Museum. Admittedly we have a little boy who dreams of being a pilot so I knew he would love the place, but I’m happy to say that this open-air museum will appeal to all aircraft enthusiasts, young and old!

It’s not a large place, but does house an array of aircrafts and helicopters both outdoors and in a large hanger. Our children had so much fun being able to climb in some of the planes, and absolutely loved ‘flying’ a helicopter!

The RMAF Museum is located just outside Kuala Lumpur but, on a snoozy Sunday morning, it took us less than 20 minutes to get there from KLCC.

It’s within the Air Force base complex near Sempang Airport; stop at the security gates and you’ll be waved through to the parking area.

It’s not a day trip; you’ll only need an hour or so to wander around at your own pace, but all the children we saw there were having a blast exploring all the different aircrafts….. Oh, and I did I mention, it’s FREE?!! Worth popping out to have a look with any budding pilots you may have in your household 😉

S x


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