Children under 6 travel for Free in KL – a simple over view of the public transport system

Getting around any city can be a bit daunting but the public transport system in KL is a very easy, and cost-effective, way of getting around. As an added bonus, children under the age of 6 years old travel for FREE!

Our two children (having only lived on islands without trains all their lives, until moving to KL) especially love jumping on the monorail – irrelevant of the destination! “Are we going by train?” is a question they ask every weekend! It’s the simple things in life…..!

For a quick overview of the network in place, KL is serviced by two LRT (Light Rail Transit) systems, two commuter rail lines, and the KL Monorail. In addition there is an airport rail link which consists of an express and a transit service to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

Every station has a line of ticket machines where you’ll need to go and purchase your ‘tokens’ for travelling. It’s handy to always have a bit of small change on you as the machines don’t always take the larger domination of notes. If you live in the city or you’ll be making regular use of the LRT/Monorail during your trip, you can also look into purchasing a ‘MyRapid card’. These can be picked up at most (not all!) LRT stations, and you can then just ‘top-up’ your credit when required.

So, no excuse now; you can go out and explore Kuala Lumpur! Enjoy it, S x


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