Taman Jaya, an outdoor playground in PJ and not just for the kids!

There are a few parks in KL that make all the ‘Top 5’ lists so we decided to go a little bit away from the city centre and try Tasik Taman Jaya which is in Petaling Jaya.

The lake at Taman Jaya

As always, it’s a great park for children with 2 different playground areas, a dedicated cycle path, and lots of shaded areas with park benches and picnic tables.


One of the children’s play areas.

Taman Jaya was the first ever recreational park in KL and is set around a lake, very close to the Amcorp Mall. Comparing it to the other amazing parks that we’ve visited, this one feels a little tired but still worth a visit if you’re staying in PJ and you need a break from shopping and concrete buildings!


Outdoor fitness equipment for the mums and dads, right next to the playground 😉


Enjoy a walk around the lake or even make use of the ‘adult-only outdoor gym’ while the little ones play! S x


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