Kiz Sports and Gym – another soft play centre in KL

Well, I’d promised my two little ones that they could test one ‘soft play centre’ a week and we just managed to fit in one last place before school starting back! Kiz Sports & Gym have several locations but the one pictured below is at Great Eastern Mall on Jl. Ampang, not far from KLCC.


The main play structure over three levels

A three story play structure is the main attraction here with a multitude of tubes and slides and ball pools.


Ball pool and slides and a small dedicated area for under 3’s

There’s a dedicated area to under 3’s and a large coffee shop right next to the play space which is perfect for mums and dads watching the action unfold!


Grab a drink or something to eat.

Priding themselves in being a child development centre, Kiz Sports & Gym also offer classes from their ‘crawler & walker’ sessions for babies to ‘kindermusik’, gymnastics, and ballet. And they offer the ‘shop n drop’ service too, allowing you to leave your little one in good hands while you get your shopping done! Reasonably priced and great for younger kids. S x


Lots of seating for the adults to watch from a safe distance!



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