“Jump Street” – the ultimate KL trampoline experience!

JUMP!!!! Yes, we still had a lot of energy left after the weekend so decided to hit the trampolines at “Jump Street” in PJ….. Wow, this place is huge and has different areas of activities for varying ages and abilities; from ‘The Cage’ for the little ones, to the ‘High Performance’ arena for the pros!

An over view of the whole set up at Jump Street

Add a slam dunk court, a dodge ball area and the foam pit and your hour session will quickly fly by!

The foam pit, clearly very enjoyable!


It’s reasonably priced at 22RM for an hour during off-peak hours (25RM at the weekend etc) and then just add a one-off purchase of their special socks that are compulsory.

Wristbands, special socks…. and off you go!

Two things I love about this place is the fact that there are at least 1 (usually 2 or 3) ‘referees’ at each section who monitor and make sure everyone sticks to the safety guidelines, (an added bonus was that they were friendly, great with the kids and professional) and the fact that there is loads of space for spectators and parents to keep an eye on children or to walk around freely to watch activities in different sections. Jump Cafe is lovely and offers hot food as well as sandwiches, smoothies and juices and overlooks the entire arena.

Jump Cafe allows you to watch the action from above!

A big thumbs up for this place; really, my two LOVED it! Happy bouncing, S x​

The main court at Jump Street.


There’s enough choice to keep everyone busy!



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