Berjaya Times Square – A theme park in a shopping mall!

Berjaya Times Square Theme Park is Malaysia’s largest indoor theme park. And we just couldn’t resist paying it a visit today! The main attraction goes beyond your wildest dreams when you see this massive rollercoaster shoot past you in the middle of a shopping mall!
This place guarantees fun and excitement for the whole family and all at a very reasonable price compared to what you’d pay in Europe for the same thing. The 5th floor is mainly for adults with some hair-raising rides to attack, while the 7th floor is aimed at children and families. You can, as we did, spend hours here and just not see the time go by! Besides the rides themselves, there’s a Kidz Theatre showing everything from Mr. Bean to the latest Disney releases, a playground, and lots of dining options along the way. Plan to spend almost a day here and mix it up with some shopping as well to make sure everyone makes the most of Times Square. No need to wait for a rainy day to try this place out! S x

The main attraction – an indoor roller coaster!


The children’s section with a ‘merry-go-round’



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